Missouri wedding

Stay Young

If you’re dreaming of a rustic wedding, White Mule Winery is the venue for you. Located in the heart of central Missouri, White Mule has it all. There’s a B&B on the property perfect for wedding day preparations, a gorgeous outdoor space for a ceremony, plenty wedding picture locations, and most importantly, great wine! 😉

Paige and Patrick picked this wonderful venue for their wedding day celebrations, and we think it was the perfect fit!

Once they arrived at White Mule, Paige and Patrick were there for the day. We love all inclusive venues as they make the wedding day less stressful for the couple. No traveling on the wedding day equals no (or less!) chance of running behind on the schedule.

Paige and Patrick decorated their outdoor ceremony with just the right amount of rustic elegance. The handmade door for their ceremony complimented the space quite nicely. And also, they made that door! Incredible!

The vineyards were perfect for sunset photos ❤️.

Not only are they DIY pros, but Paige is quite the jam maker! She used her homemade jam as party favors. Another excellent idea!


Captured In Frames // St. Louis Wedding Videography

Wherever You Are

Here in the Midwest, we take baseball seriously, so seriously that some couples like to play ball on their wedding day! Meet Vikky and Richie, the easy-going couple that not only got married on the ball field where they "first hit it off"... but also hosted a short game after the ceremony! How EPIC is that?!

🎶 "Let's root, root, root for the....Cubbies" ;) 🎶

captured in frames - St. Louis Wedding Videography

Keep It Custom

Having been in the wedding business for 8+ years, Jimmy and I have seen weddings of all shapes and sizes. We've been a part of intimate 20 guest weddings, and we've been a part of extravagant 800 guest weddings. We've seen the traditional, and the nontraditional, and while some couples only need a few hours to celebrate, others need a few days. For Huyen and Thomas, the latter is true, and we loved every second! On the day of the white dress ceremony, Huyen and her bridesmaids got up at 3am to start their day, just about the time Thomas and his groomsmen were heading to bed ;). After their morning wedding ceremony, they spent the day with family and friends, taking pictures and prepping for the next day.

They following morning they took part in a tea ceremony. Some hours and a few dress changes later, Huyen and Thomas were full swing into their choreographed first dance which lead into their epic EDM heavy reception. Check out their wedding film below!


captured in frames - St. Louis Wedding Videography