More than a status update.


Today couples spend months, sometimes years, planning this one day that flashes by in the blink of an eye. As a married couple, we know that a wedding day is an emotional blur of smiling faces and what's-next-on-the-timelines. That's why we're here. We want to help our couples relive those incredible yet fleeting moments long after the final notes of "Closing Time".


For us a wedding video is more than a status update on Facebook. It's a reminder for years down the road of how you fell in love and why you decided to get married in the first place. 



designed with intention

A wedding film should be more than a couple of random clips thrown together. It should be deliberately crafted, it's sole purpose to remind you of the feelings you had on your wedding day. The nervous butterflies flapping about as you take one last glance in the mirror. The happy tears, or straight up laughing tears, as you exchange your handwritten vows. Dancing the night away under a canopy of strobe lights, love drunk, or maybe it's just the champagne, and wondering if life can actually get any better. 

We want you to feel your wedding day for all the years to come. 


"The Entrepreneur & The Blonde"


Once upon a time (because all great stories start that way), there was a guy named Jimmy. Looking for new challenge and adventure, he established a wedding videography studio. In 2009, Captured in Frames was born. Over the next two years, his business grew and prospered, however; he still felt that something was missing. 

As the universe would have it Jimmy soon met Steph. 

Steph was a fair-haired photographer, looking for that next big step. Little did she know, she'd already found it.

Thrown into the wondrous world of high heels and tuxedos, Steph took on the role of Jimmy's sidekick. Together they conquered the wedding industry one video at a time. It wasn't long before Jimmy realized he wanted a wedding film of his own, so he got down on one knee and asked Steph to marry him. Of course she said yes!

They set their compass west, and on the red rocks of Lake Powell, the two exchanged vows, committing to a lifetime of shared love and a joint Netflix account. 


Getting to know Jimmy and Steph Wilderman was one of the best parts of my wedding experience. They followed us to the Florida Keys which holds a big place in my heart and I was so happy to be able to share it with them. They followed us from the moment we stepped on the plane and we ended up having them change their flights to stay longer and stay with us in our wedding house! They are the absolute best and we will forever consider them friends of ours!
— Tiana Benningfield
My husband and I cannot express how thankful we are that we hired Jimmy and Steph!!! Not only do we have an amazing four minute highlight film to remember our day, but we also have a longer feature film that allows us to relive even deeper details of our wedding day any day of the year. Jimmy and Steph were so much fun to work with, and their work is the definition of creativity and design!! Simply the best!
— Shannon Klenke
Jimmy and Steph are amazing! I searched high and low for a videographer that would fit my style and I’m so happy I found them! Being 4 hours away from their location the communication couldn’t have been better. I had to change our timeline and schedule at least 5 times and they were so flexible to work with. You definitely get your money’s worth with them. Would put up 10 stars if that was an option!
— Huyen Tran

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