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Together We Can Accomplish Anything

As I’m sure you can imagine, Valentine’s Day is a bid day for elopements. That’s why we think it’s crazy that Lori and Ryan were our first ever Valentine’s Day wedding!

They got married at Silver Oaks Chateau, located just outside of St. Louis. This venue has it all; outdoor spaces (with a fireplace I might add), great picture locations, a beautiful room for wedding prep, and an awesome reception space as well!

Not only is Silver Oaks one of our favorite venues, but Lori and Ryan had incredible weather on their wedding day. I can’t remember the last Valentine’s Day in the midwest in which it was even mildly tolerable to be outside 😂.

Staying true to Valentine’s Day, Lori and Ryan provided themed cupcakes and some good ol’ fashion heart-shaped boxes of chocolate as favors. ❤️

They wrapped up their elopement wedding with a traditional send off, VDay themed of course! 💘


Captured In Frames // St. Louis Wedding Videography

The Mountains of Montana

If there's one thing we learned from traveling around Montana, it's that the locals are extremely pleasant and accommodating individuals, and Elaina and Brian fit right in! From zorbing in the lawn, to rock-paper-scissors at rehearsal, we knew we were in for a crazy fun filled adventure! With the mountains as their backdrop, Elaina and Brian's wedding day was truly the embodiment of a romantic fairytale 💕.

Readers, this is definitely a wedding video you won't want to miss!

Montana Wedding Video // Elaina + Brian from Captured in Frames on Vimeo.

Elaina and Brian, thanks for letting us tag along and tell your story!


captured in frames - St. Louis Wedding Videography

The Best Wedding Gift Ever

If you've watched enough of our wedding videos, you'll notice a wedding day gift and card trend. Often on the a wedding day, the bride and groom present each other with handwritten cards filled with anticipation and excitement for the moments to come. It's a sweet gesture that can calm the wedding day jitters, it makes an awesome keepsake, and it's a pretty special on-camera moment. Not all couples participate in this particular trend, but when Nick decided he wanted in, he went all out! What super special (ultra adorable 😍) surprise did Nick give Brittany on their wedding day?!

Hint: Check out the screenshot!


captured in frames - St. Louis Wedding Videography