We Love A Good Story

After we first met Casey and Clay on a Sunday afternoon last November, we knew their wedding would be awesome. Jimmy and I had grabbed a quick lunch that day and planned to meet Casey and Clay immediately after. When they first arrived, we walked around and looked at the room she would be getting ready in, the reception hall, and the ceremony site (which was gorgeous!). Afterwards we ordered some drinks and sat down to discuss the details. In the end we wound up spending the entire afternoon/ evening at Copper Dock chatting over drinks, getting to know each other, not even aware of the time. Before long, we were, well I don't know how many beers in, and ready for pizza! If I remember right we left as Copper Dock was closing haha!

Anyways, that evening we learned that not only were they getting married at Copper Dock, but Clay had also proposed there as well! What a cool story to tell! So we swing full circle, back around to their wedding day.

Casey and Clay at Copper Dock!

The weather was absolutely perfect for golf in the morning and an outdoor ceremony in the afternoon! Also, I had never seen such a unique unity ceremony before. I think it's so cool how they were able tie in their love for winery's into every part of their day! And somehow they both managed to get each other super cute cards! :)

The cards they gave to each other! Love them!

All right. Enough talking! I don't want to spoil everything so check out their same day edit for yourself!


I hope you enjoy their same day edit as much as we do! (We've watched it a million times!)


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