Along The Way

Dear readers, another week has come and gone! Not much has happened this since my last post. In fact, I think the only wedding related thing we did this week was start our "wedding diet" haha!

Honestly, it's not much of a diet. I'm thinking of it more as a lifestyle change! We're trying to eat a little healthier and stay active. We're cutting out fast food (we'll see how that goes!) and Bokeh is loving her extra walk a day :). I did try running with her but that didn't go so well! Haha! She more or less drug me along and we wound up in a ditch! Therefore, running will be a human-only exercise!

I have discovered some great new recipes. Greek yogurt blueberry pancakes! Yum! Instead of the Gold Medal® All-Purpose Flour I used King Arthur Flour, unbleached whole wheat, in an attempt to be a tad bit healthier. I also used 2 egg whites as a substitute for 1 large egg.

Greek yogurt blueberry pancake ingredients.

I found this recipe on, among other yummy Greek yogurt recipes. I can't wait to try the Skinny Greek Yogurt Chicken! It looks absolutely fabulous!

Well that's all for this week. I will be sure to share any new recipes I find along the way! Wish us luck on the no fast food thing haha! I think we're going to need it! :)


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