A print I'm working on for our apt! Good afternoon! I hope all is well with my lovely readers!

So this week I have been working on my bouquet. As you know, we have decided to travel theme our wedding! I haven't exactly figured out how to make travel a prominent theme yet but I have discovered how to make paper map flowers!

Since our wedding will be taking place in a fairly primitive area, I decided that real flowers would be a risk. I definitely don't want a wilted bouquet on our wedding day, so I am trying something a little out of the ordinary.

I know it's a little early to be working on the bouquets but someone *cough* (JIMMY) said I should do it now just in case I couldn't actually do it myself. He thought I would end up buying the bouquets instead, but I don't think I will need to! :)

I found this paper flower tutorial on YouTube and followed the instructions to make my map flowers. I'm not going to lie, it took a while to get the hang of using a glue-gun haha! Also, if you decide to do this, purchase a flower punch! I didn't buy one because I thought, "How hard could it be to cut out flowers?". Turns out it's pretty time consuming. I fully intend to buy one now!

What I used to make the flowers.

First I cut the small doll-rods into 2in sections. I attached the flowers to the sections by cutting an X into the center of the petals, then sliding them onto the rods. I glued them on before forming the flower itself. That part isn't as complicated as it sounds! After all of the flowers were finished, I dyed the tips and glued them into the foam ball. The end!

Here is a picture of my "finished" bouquet. I quote finished because I will probably alter it some before the wedding. I am definitely a perfectionist when it comes to my creations haha!

My "finished" bouquet.

Now I just have to find a safe place to store it!

A little off topic here, but apparently I am a planner after all! Recently I have found my nightly netflix time filled with list making! I have tons of lists: things I want to buy for the wedding, wedding dresses I like, reception decor, reception dresses, clothes I want to wear the days before the wedding (I have NO IDEA why that's a list!!), and shower decorations! In addition, I may or may not have downloaded a wedding planning app! AHHH! I may be going wedding crazy! ;)

Another side note; since neither of us are big cake eaters, we have decided to have smore's and pumpkin-pie bars instead! :)

If anyone has any cool travel-themed wedding ideas, I'm all ears! Thank you all for reading and enjoy the rest of your evening!


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