I Promise To Always Karaoke

Love, love, and more love!

Years ago, Jimmy’s best friend since high school introduced us to this super awesome chick named Allie. We immediately hit it off and spent hours talking on the patio of a Louisville dive bar. We’ve kept in contact over the years via late night phone calls and impromptu visits, that always seemed to pick up exactly where they left off.

Fast forward a few years to when Allie introduced us to Pete. Talk about a match! Pete is equally as awesome, so fun to be around, and together they slay some karaoke! That’s actually how they met, so naturally they carried that tradition into their wedding day.

Being the fantastic people that they are, they decided to get married on the Fourth of July. And let me tell you, it was gorgeous! Days leading up to the event, their closest family and friends gathered together at Richwood on the River to prepare and celebrate. Although I’d imagine Richwood is always beautiful, it was the perfect venue for a summer wedding!

If there’s anything else you might need to know about Allie and Pete’s wedding day, it’s that it was hot. Maybe even the hottest wedding we’ve ever filmed. It was so hot that they decided to jump into the pool with full wedding attire after dinner!

But seriously, even that was beautiful!!! 😂 Just watch for yourself!


Captured In Frames // St. Louis Wedding Videography