All In A Day's Work

We had an amazing time with Trent + Lauren this past Saturday! The first time we met was the day we shot their proposal. Since then, we had been counting down to their BIG day, knowing it would be absolutely perfect! And it was indeed prefect! :) [embed][/embed]

When we arrived at the Ritz Carlton, Trent was so excited! I don't think he ever stopped smiling! He immediately sat down to write his love letters to Lauren, which we had designed himself (such a nice touch!).

Love Letters :)

Soon after, a questionable breakfast arrived. Everyone hesitated at the sight of something completely smothered in cheese and bacon. One brave man stepped up to try it, and I quote, "I don't know what it is, but I'm about to devour it, so that's good!" Watch their Same-Day-Edit below for more details!

"Get what you want, and I'll eat the rest!"


If you're not familiar with a Same-Day-Edit, then here you go! This is how is all goes down. Once we get to the reception, one of us will shoot, while the other edits. In this case, I shot the reception while Jimmy edited Trent + Lauren's SDE. Once Jimmy was finished, we switched places and I made the final finishing touches. It helps to have a second set of eyes to check it out before we show it! Go teamwork! ;)

Coloring Trent + Lauren's Same-Day-Edit!

Trent + Lauren's day was beautiful, or as Lauren's niece would put it, "It's gorgeous!"


A big shout out to Benfield Photography! Dale and Mere...Thank you for being awesome! We loved hanging out all day! Also, thank you for letting us borrow the 85! Jimmy's hooked! :) And thank you to Jenny with Before I Do for all of your hard work and help throughout the day!


captured in frames - St. Louis Wedding Videography