You’re Booked

What to expect next


Congrats, you’re booked! One more planning task complete and one less thing you have to worry about. Chances are this is the first time you’ve ever hired videography and you’re not exactly sure what happens next. No worries, we’ve done this a time or two and we have a workflow in place that asks little of you and maximizes everyones experience. This is gonna be fun!

The guide below is just that, a guide. Every situation, wedding day, and couple is different and we mold to that. Timing might be off here and there, but this is our general rule-of-thumb and approach to weddings.

What We Ask of You, Please and Thank You

There are a few things that we do need from you. Don’t worry, it’s not a long list.

  • Typically 2-3 months before the Wedding we do ask that we meet up for a round of drinks or coffee so we can get to know you better. This makes everyone feel more comfortable and helps us behind the scenes with the style of filming we use, song choices, and understanding what’s important to you as a couple. If you live afar and meeting isn’t an option, a video double date works great!

  • The day of the Wedding, be yourself. We’re a documentary studio meaning that we stage or direct very little. We may suggest a certain room for the dress or ask you to move if we don’t like the look but we always ask if we need something. We’re a fly on the wall.

  • Transportation - Depending on your timeline and our schedule for the day, Steph may need to ride with the girls from morning prep to ceremony/first look. No other transportation is generally needed after the ceremony.

  • Meals - We do ask for a hot meal at your reception, and we have no allergies. Often your caterer will have a separate option for vendor meals. Check with them to make yourself aware of what that consists of. If their vendor options aren’t a hot meal, let us know and we’ll write you a check for the same meal your guests are having. Nobody likes to be filmed while they’re eating so the best time for us to eat is when you do. We don’t need to be seated in the event room but we do need to be within earshot. We work with all vendors to make sure everyone is on the same page for the timeline but a moment can and has been missed because we were seated far away with no warning in the change of events.


Before the Wedding

When You’ll Hear From Us

  • Booking Process Complete

    • Package Picked, Contract Signed, Deposit Cleared.

  • You may not hear from us for some time, completely normal! We’re here if you need us, vendor recommendations, planning advice, etc. This is our industry, we know some things!

  • 2-3 Months Prior

    • We’ll schedule a time to meet face-to-face so we can get to know each other better as well as begin to understand your timeline and layout our schedule for the day.

  • 1-2 Weeks Prior

    • A quick call or text to confirm your timeline and discuss any last minute changes.

Our Tasks Behind the Scenes

  • Booking Process Complete

    • Organize your information from calls/emails into one file, as well as our studio software.

    • Based on your venues, note possible location suggestions for morning prep/photos.

  • Compile a list of possible soundtrack options.

  • Touch base with vendors if necessary.

    • Planner, Photographer, Venues, DJ/Band

  • Research parking and local events calendar.

  • Final gear and lunch prep.


The Wedding Day

Our Timeline Approach

  • Jimmy + Steph arrive to girls prep location 2hrs before getting into the dress.

  • Jimmy arrives at guys prep location 1-2hrs before they plan on leaving for next location.

  • Steph arrives with girls to ceremony/first look.

  • Jimmy arrives to ceremony location 1hr before ceremony start to prep gear.

  • Jimmy + Steph may go to first picture location.

  • Jimmy + Steph arrive at reception location before guests/cocktail hour to document the empty space and details.

  • Jimmy + Steph film reception until 30-60min of open dancing has been documented.

Tips For a Better Film

  • Girls Morning

    • NATURAL LIGHT, open shades, turn lighting off.

    • Keep one room free of clutter/bags for dress.

    • If someone is important in your life, push to have them there. The morning is when everyone has the most free time to see you interacting with loved ones.

      • ex: moms, special aunt, grandma, kiddos

      • Best and least stressful time to have a dad 'first look’ after dress.

  • Guys Morning

    • NATURAL LIGHT, open shades, turn lighting off.

    • Check and try on your suit/tux well before the wedding.

      • cuff links, socks, tie, shoes, undershirt

    • Tell your men to be there 2hrs before leaving for next location.

    • Have a game, activity to do before getting dressed.

    • Suits/Tuxes start to go on 1hr before departing.

      • Good idea to have Dad and/or best man present to ‘help’ you get ready.


After the Wedding

Editing Timeline and Workflow

  • 3-5min Short Story Highlight

    • 0 Days After - Transfer and Backup Footage

    • 3 Days After - Create Project, Sync Footage and Cull

    • 7 Days After - Pass 1 Layout Visuals and Audio

    • 10 Days After - Pass 2 Color

    • 12 Days After - Jimmy + Steph Second Opinion, Revisions, Finalize

    • 14 Days After - Upload to Facebook and Gallery Website Page, Email Couple

  • Feature Film (timing greatly depends on season and editing backlog)

    • Within 2-4 Weeks - Pass 1 Listen to all Audio and Select Soundbites

    • Within 2-4 Weeks - Find Suitable Soundtracks

    • Within 3-6 Weeks - Pass 2 Layout Soundtracks and Footage Audio

    • Within 4-8 Weeks - Pass 3 Layout Visuals, Tweak Edits

    • Within 4-8 Weeks - Pass 4 Color

    • Within 5-10 Weeks - Jimmy + Steph Second Opinion, Revisions, Finalize

    • Within 6-12 Weeks - Upload to Gallery Website Page, Email Couple

  • Documentary Edit (timing greatly depends on season and editing backlog)

    • Within 1-3 Weeks - Pass 1 Layout Visuals and Audio

    • Within 2-4 Weeks - Pass 2 Color

    • Within 3-6 Weeks - Jimmy + Steph Second Opinion, Revisions, Finalize

    • Within 4-8 Weeks - Upload to Gallery Website Page, Email Couple

And that’s that! Leave a review, tell your friends. We’ve had to do very little advertising because couples like you believe in us enough to pass the word along.

Afterwards, add us on social so we can keep up with life. Heck, you could even invite us to a barbecue! We like ours medium-rare.