We're Lorelai Gilmore level coffee drinkers

It's fundamental, not to mention an editing requirement.

Camping, not glamping

Campfires are a must. When it rains we rock out to the 90's and play spades in the tent.

A 2am dance party

Literally the end to every Wilderman date night.

Captured in Frames Wedding Videographer Steph Wilderman

Steph Wilderman

"If anyone asks, I'm drinking all of this wine to collect corks for a Pinterest project."

Captured in Frames Wedding Videographer Jimmy Wilderman

Jimmy Wilderman

"Nap time is my happy hour."


the benefit of a husband and wife team

Having planned and worked through our own wedding, we are able to relate to our couples in a way that others can't. We know what it's like to be behind the camera, and in front of it. We know first hand, what a wedding day feels like, and we know how quickly it flies. We look back at our own wedding video and relive all of the moments that meant so much to us. It's our golden rule! Film every wedding as if it were your own.  

working with your spouse

Nearly every couple we've worked with has eventually asked the question, "What's it like working with your spouse." Our answer? Working with your spouse is like working with the most reliable, trustworthy person you know. Together, we share the same vision. We're acutely intuitive and we know what to expect from one another. Being able to look across the room and instinctively know what the other is filming is something that can't be bought. 

When I see Jimmy with a camera, I know what he’s filming. I don’t have to worry about whether he’s recording that perfect moment, because I know he is.
— Steph
Working with Steph at a wedding is like going on a date to our favorite restaurant. We have so much fun together documenting, editing, and crafting these love stories.
— Jimmy

Ten years of wedding films

We're ten years in and still loving every second! After a decade in a fast paced industry, we thought we would either be burnt out or bored, but nothing could be further from the truth. Different families from different backgrounds come together in different settings to celebrate the same thing: love! With the right couple, filming a wedding day feels like hanging out with close friends. There are so many moments throughout a wedding day that make us feel warm and fuzzy. All of your friends coming together, Dad seeing his daughter in the dress for the first time, the quirks and smiles of a couple at the alter, the welcome toast to all of the guest who came to honor your marriage. Each and every wedding has its own heartfelt moments, even if they only last for a few seconds, and inviting us to document it all is an incredibly fulfilling experience.